This is supposed to be the blog/journal of the NZ Diamond Sangha.

We are inviting everyone to participate by posting articles, comments, questions, events, links the whole shebang. Post it here or send it to me by e-mail.

I’m still trying to work out how exactly to manipulate this site to make it work, so expect changes…

I’m well aware that there are people out there that find it wrong that any one site or publication should stand in for the whole of the NZ Sangha. Well, can’t be helped, it’s this, or do nothing.  Everything so far is experimental, and it might go terribly wrong or die off.

How about encouraging one another? Let’s keep communication alive, and despite being so far flung, keep in contact.

Warm hearted wishes



About Armin

Hermit, free-lance monk, laughing pessimist, hopeless optimist, standing upright after being bowled over too often, crawling when he should fly and flying without a pilot's licence. Clinging to bushes and grasses in his free time.
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One Response to Hello

  1. John Clark says:

    Well done Armin! I am relatively new to the sangha so I don’t feel part of the history that might be resisting this blog. But I have been part of somethings in the past, that have had to change and to adapt. Sometimes it became very angry and bitter and people gave. People made faces and said harsh things. Sometimes it became very angry and bitter and we kept going past that and felt foolish afterwards. And laughed with each other. Greed hatred and ignorance, darn! I thought I’d vowed to abandon them and here they come again! I’m off to my grandson’s first birthday party now, which is more clinging to something, I know but I’m going to make silly faces and funny noises. And we’ll laugh with each other.

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