Summer Sesshin on St.Martin’s Island

Meditation Retreat

Dunedin Zen Group, Two Spring Sesshin
25 November – 5 December 2010
Ross Bolleter Roshi – (30th November to 5th December)
and Glenn Wallis, Sensei – (25th to 30th November)
Zen Teachers in the Diamond Sangha tradition

When: Two Sesshins will be held concurrently in Dunedin this Spring. These will culminate in a Transmission Ceremony by Ross Bolleter Roshi for Glenn Wallis Sensei.

Sesshin led by Glenn Wallis begins on the evening of Thursday, November 25th ending on Tuesday afternoon November 30th 2010.  This Sesshin will be suitable for Glenn’s students, long term Zen students and dedicated practitioners and participants will be accepted on this basis at Glenn’s discretion.

Sesshin led by Ross Bolleter Roshi beginning on the evening of Tuesday 30th November and ending on Sunday afternoon 5th December.

Those friends of Glenn wishing to attend the Transmission Ceremony on Sunday but won’t be attending Sesshin are very welcome.  Please contact the organisers to arrange this.

Where: Sesshin is being held at our wonderful Quarantine (St Martin’s) Island venue and is residential.  The main accommodation is two large dormitory style rooms. Tents can be accommodated.

Preparation: If this is your first retreat please do read Robert Aitken’s book, Taking the path of Zen prior to attending. Advice on suitable clothing etc. will be provided to those registering.  Please provide your e-mail address if you have one to facilitate this.

Transport:  There are two points of departure for the Island, either from Back Beach (behind Port Chalmers) at 4.20pm, or from the Portobello Marine Aquarium at 5pm.  Retreat participants will be returned by about 4pm on Sunday December 5th. If you need transport, or can offer transport to and from the departure points for the Island, please make this clear on the registration form.  Directions will be provided by the organisers.

Fee: The Fee for Spring Sesshin: Please register with a $50.00 deposit, or full fee, with the balance to be paid by Friday 10 November 2009.

Five Day retreat with Ross Bolleter Roshi       $ 345    Couples $320 (each)    Unemployed $310
Five day Sesshin with Glenn Wallis Sensei     $ 300     Couples $300 (each)
Full ten Day Retreat         $ 635    Couples $610        Unemployed  600

(We have facility for the fee to be paid over a negotiated period of time.  Please contact John)
If intending to come, please indicate by 30 October, so that we can plan menus, buy food etc.

Dana: You may bring dana (gift) for Bolleter Roshi, and for Glenn Wallis, Sensei in the form of cash or personal gift. You are welcome to include a card, or do so anonymously with the envelopes provided at Sesshin.

Any questions or further enquiries, please contact:

John (03) 4730 370   
Jim (03) 4738 359 or 473 7090  (after 1 September 2010)
To contact the Teacher before the Sesshin please email Glenn at

Registration Form Spring Sesshin Dunedin – 2010


Phone No:
Cell phone:


Which retreat do you wish to attend?    Ross Bolleter              Glenn Wallis               Both
Waged or unwaged?
Fee enclosed :    $300    $345    $635  Deposit: $50   Other:

Information Required.    Yes/No    Details (if appropriate)
1.    Have you attended Sesshin Before?

2.    ..or another meditation retreat?

3.    Any special dietary needs/food allergies? **

4.    Do you have a history of mental illness?
5.    Are you currently under psychiatric care?

6.    Boat departure point : Portobello or Back Beach

7.    Need transport to Back Beach at Port Chalmers?

8.    Can you provide transport to Back Beach?

9.    Can you bring your own zafu?

I wish to make a donation toward the costs of Sesshin.        Amount:$                        please add to ‘Fee enclosed’
I wish to donate toward the costs of the Transmission Ceremony. Amount:$               please add to ‘Fee enclosed’

*  If you answered ‘yes’ to questions 4 or 5 an organiser may contact you to check out the suitability of Sesshin for you, and  to answer any questions you may have about Sesshin in regard to your situation.
** We offer a healthy vegetarian set menu for Sesshin. If you are non dairy please specify at #3 to enable planning.

Please make cheques payable to “Dunedin Zen Group” and send your registration to:
John Clark, 6 Bonnington St, Normandby, Dunedin 9010


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