Ok, dear people, much as I enjoyed creating this blog, and getting it running, this is not supposed to be Armin’s Zen blog.

Can please those of you that are able to use a keyboard sit onto your backsides and write something or at least post a link to something interesting.

Book reviews, poems, thoughtful and thoughtless articles, cries, moans, enlightened and otherwise, please speak up and upper!

Either send it to me via e-mail, or, if you are planning to become a regular contributor, ask me for log-in info, so you can post under your own name. You can also write comments without the need to log in.

In other words: GYAIG!

cheers, Gassho, hugs

Armin (temporary Editor)


About Armin

Hermit, free-lance monk, laughing pessimist, hopeless optimist, standing upright after being bowled over too often, crawling when he should fly and flying without a pilot's licence. Clinging to bushes and grasses in his free time.
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3 Responses to OI, GUYS!

  1. jameshegarty says:


    While I think people do need to get moving on this it is still early days.
    You have had at least two people contribute in a week (me and Sean) that is
    if you added the other stuff, so that is good in my book.

    It would be good to see some of the longer type of articles that were in the hard copy of Crazy Cloud, especially from the teachers, although one advantage of the blog format is that people can post with much shorter contributions – like Sean’s for example – which are also interesting and useful.

    Very interesting stuff so far.


    • Armin says:

      DEar Jim

      It’s like this: If this thing does not get a certain velocity at the start, it will die off.
      And I’m getting rather embarrassed about the site looking like it’s my personal thing. But if I stop posting, we’re going to have a dead letterbox blog at the soonest.

      Seen it, been there, done that and all that jazz.

      And the lack of response, espc. from the teachers is totally discouraging. Not heard a peep from any of them, neither yay nor nay.

      So forgive me for sounding the bugles for action. Don’t want to let it die. (a little bit of leadership practice and crowd guiding for me too, and I SUCK with that.)



  2. Shindosan says:

    I think you’re doing a swell job there Armin. Patience, patience!

    I’d insert a smiley face here * if I knew how to do one

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