How to post

Well, it seems we finally worked out how to do this.

If you want to contribute to Crazy Cloud under your own name (yes, please), I need your e-mail address, so I can send you an invite. Then you sign up with WordPress, and hey, presto, you are a contributor with access to the dashboard, and you can post articles.

Looking forward to lots of requests…..

Gassho, smiles



About Armin

Hermit, free-lance monk, laughing pessimist, hopeless optimist, standing upright after being bowled over too often, crawling when he should fly and flying without a pilot's licence. Clinging to bushes and grasses in his free time.
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One Response to How to post

  1. Hi Armin!!! this is just to make contact with u.
    Surfin’ the web found this site and liked it.
    How u been?
    was a long long time at Anna Banana!!!

    Cheers and hope this one finds u well and danzin’


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