Divided Minds, Specious Souls § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM

Divided Minds, Specious Souls § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM.

On the illusion of a unified mind.

Could be a basic Buddhist teaching text.


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2 Responses to Divided Minds, Specious Souls § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM

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  2. Armin says:

    Hi there, I’m the Buddhist you are quoting in your opening remark. Thanks for the notoriety.
    While I have to admit that I know far less about brain functions than you do, I also have to say that you know not enough about Buddhism, and fall prey to the normal western misconceptions.
    Buddhism has been mixed with lots of different cultures and religions, and for better or worse, tends to assimilate what-ever happens to be believed by the people that nominally become Buddhists. A lot of the western confusion stems from this. This is espc. true regarding Tibetan Buddhism.
    Buddhism and foremost Zen-Buddhism does NOT believe in any kind of soul, or anything personal that survives death. Belief is generally frowned upon, you could say that a lot of the work that happens on the cushion is precisely to see through the belief-systems that we were indoctrinated into as children.
    The Buddha’s last words , according to tradition were: “Do not believe me, see for yourself.”
    Real “Meditation” (another western word) is a thorough, blood-sweating investigation into the IDEA of a personal self.
    The main difference between science and meditation practice is that a scientist may develop a theoretical understanding that the self is an illusion. But this understanding stays at a superficial level, no matter how thorough it is explained and researched. It does NOT alter your very deep convivtion of a personal, forever separate self.
    In real meditation practice this conviction gets investigated and assaulted at every step, sometimes leading to a more or less momentaneous opening.
    The most cherished of our beliefs: “That I am in here, and the rest of the universe is out there”, gets a few holes shot into it….. sometimes we can see reality as it is.
    Hope this helps to clarify matters a little.
    Thank you for your work.
    Armin Hanik

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