Morality: Infant origins of human kindness – opinion – 21 October 2010 – New Scientist

Morality: Infant origins of human kindness – opinion – 21 October 2010 – New Scientist.


And more on Morals research. I find it most interesting that morals appear to find a new footing. Moral behaviour seems to find a new definition as: following our genetic hardwiring.

This will take quite a bit of digestion and thinking over, but so far I would say it is on one side liberating: there is no eternal law outside of ourselves…on the other side it seems that to be content, fit in, follow the “Way of the water” you are forced to adhere to what evolution has happened to cook up over the milennia. Moral behaviour in wolves would be distinctly different. If our own evolution had taken a different turn somewhere, due to some path less travelled now turning into a highroad (and that might well be a haphazard event), then what we think now as MORAL, might actually be the most immoral thing to do.

How much morals are shaped by culture is a different layer again. I never get tired of pointing out that Homer praises Ulysses for being the biggest lier and cheater. Spartan boys were expected to go out and kill a helot, just to prove they could do it.

No way I’m going to take someone elses word for how I “should” behave…..


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