Kind of a poem (first draft)

Some people
Some people are born rich
Some people are born poor
Some people are born beautiful
Some people are born piss ugly
Some people have a happy childhood
Some people die before they can walk
Some people get lost in the war as children
Some people survive a concentration camp when they are 10
Some people are so damaged they can hardly relate to anybody
I met a guy who did not have anything bad happen to him all his live!
Some people are gregarious
Some people are friendly
Some people need to be alone
Some people have spikes
Some people are so slimy it fair puts the wind up your ass
Some people find good partners
Some people have a terrible relationship
And there are plenty of those that would rather end it all
Some people have children
Some people have none
Some people have an early and free enlightenment experience
Some people struggle all their lives
Some people are born human
Some people are born as dogs, horses, cats
Some people are born as cockroaches
Some people are born as gargoiles
Some people are not born at all.

Sorry, you were complaining about something?


About Armin

Hermit, free-lance monk, laughing pessimist, hopeless optimist, standing upright after being bowled over too often, crawling when he should fly and flying without a pilot's licence. Clinging to bushes and grasses in his free time.
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