Weblog van Taede A. Smedes: Jesse Bering – “The God / Belief Instinct” (deel 7 – slot)

Weblog van Taede A. Smedes: Jesse Bering – “The God / Belief Instinct” (deel 7 – slot).

This is a discussion of a book I have not read, but I’ve followed the author, Jesse Bering for a while now. (Friend on Facebook as well).

The discussion is very interesting for Buddhists and espc. Zennies because he manages to point to the very crux of what is happening once we start shedding “meaning” in the conventional sense.
I feel he got it JUST right. I’ve been at this point of fear long ago, and it probably would have destroyed me, if I had not had Zen practice to carry me through.
The purely nihilistic stance is destructive to the human mind.

Where this blogger does not go far enough IMO is,  that he does not examine the “meaning of meaning”.
Meaning in the conventional sense is: THIS points to THAT. Of course THAT points to something else again.
There is a meaning that is not pointing away from THIS.
Exactly THIS, for itself.

This kind of meaning does NOT get wiped out by any nihilistic stance.


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