Book Review: Great Soul –

Book Review: Great Soul –

Gandhi was called “one of our ancestors in the greater Dharma” by Aitken-Roshi, if I’m not mistaken.

Here is a totally different view of the man.
Not saying this is right, not saying this is wrong.
What I AM saying is that we all have a strong tendency to idealize leaders.
This becomes espc. problematic with figures that are from far away and from cultures where no ill is spoken. Scrutinizing our betters is a rather novel and western idea, after all.
We end up trying to live up to an inhuman ideal, the projected picture of another human being.
Trying to BE what they SEEM. (And becoming good at beating ourselves up bc. we are not, very funny!)

Trying to achieve some kind of perfection; if WE can’t be perfect, at least some revered figure somewhere out there should be. At least be seen to be perfect.

Quick! Close your eyes!


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Hermit, free-lance monk, laughing pessimist, hopeless optimist, standing upright after being bowled over too often, crawling when he should fly and flying without a pilot's licence. Clinging to bushes and grasses in his free time.
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