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This is where you will find some of the basic stuff of our practice. Hints and materials for beginners and old timers.


This is one of the most important books I ever read in my life (actually, that goes for all books of these two guys). It starts along the lines of “One apple and one apple is two apples”, but don’t … Continue reading

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Does practice make you a better person?

I remember when I first started meditating, I felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights. The light shone brightly on all my inadequacies, and I was appalled at how I behaved towards others. I felt like such a wretch, … Continue reading

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The Supreme meditation By Heidi Ombler

This is from an e-mail by Heidi to me, a few years ago. I asked for permission to publish it, which was gracefully given. Thanks, lady. Thailand 1991~2 I would go to the morning meditation at 3.15 am and come … Continue reading

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Diamond Sangha Sutras

Diamond Sangha Sutras. The sutras as they are used in the DS,,, more or less.

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